Other Services

Professional Piping Services, Inc., provides at no cost or obligation, a site and system inspection and evaluation of known or suspected malfunctioning piping systems. This examination and analysis usually results in a submittal or a proposal detailing how a system can be cleaned and restored to its maximum flow capacity, including what is required to do this, (site work, piping modifications, scheduling, etc), and the costs involved.

  • Inline tracking and location of piping systems. The beginning and the end of the systems are known but how it gets from here to there is not. We can precisely pinpoint the location of the system as it travels from here to there.
  • Inline tracking and location of piping systems using the global positioning system, (GPS). This can be very useful for determining the precise positioning of piping, subaqueous systems, for example.
  • Field cleaning as per specification in compliance with CGA, G-4.1 of Oxygen/Ozone plant piping
  • Plant systems, chill and hot water, steam, condensate, vacuum, condenser, drains and fuel
  • Sludge transfer systems
  • Abandoning lines, jet fuel
  • Intake/Outflow systems with internal marine growth
  • Disinfection/Irrigation
  • Product piping _ Foods, Juices, Cosmetics, Dyes, Inks, Acids
  • High pressure water cleaning and jetting
  • Sample specifications available for review upon request
  • Training and educational seminars
  • Aid in design & layout
  • Chemical/Mineral transfer
  • Salt/Brine systems
  • Compressed Air/Gas systems
  • Low Pressure/Gravity systems
  • "Pickling" of systems
  • Disinfection in accordance with AWWA Specification #651
  • We provide mature and experienced OSHA qualified supervision and technicians
  • We are thoroughly equipped with all of the tools, vehicles and specialized equipment necessary to safely and properly clean a system.
  • Specialized insurance for project specific purposes can and continues to be provided. Bonding for projects requiring such protection can and continues to be provided.

"Many times the cost of living with a problem is greater than the cost of fixing it!"

Certified Underground Utility Contractor
License Number CU-C057357