Professional Piping Services provides for piping system cleaning and restoration to maximum flow capacity for many types of common applications including piping which transport, water, oil, gases, sewage, slurries, air, chemicals and others.

We also provide our specialty services in unique applications such as the post construction cleaning of piping servicing oxygen/ozone gas generators and related appurtenances.

"Dirty'' oxygen/ozone piping if not properly cleaned prior to going into service can potentially contain oils, oxidized interior pipe surfaces, construction oriented debris, contaminants, solvents, acids and dirt, scale and welding slag and other materials which if left in the piping can cause violent inline reactions and possible destruction of the system and its equipment. This is such an important factor that the Compressed Gas Association, (CGA), has issued a directive, C.G.A. G-4.1 for specifically implementing the cleaning of equipment for oxygen service.

Professional Piping Services offers the following advantages for the cleaning of oxygen/ozone piping;

  • All work is done in complete compliance with C.G.A. G-4.1
  • Proper, knowledgeable and experienced supervision of the entire cleaning project
  • All Professional Piping Services, personnel are trained and accredited to be in compliance with OSHA29, CFR 1910.120, Health and Safety Training
  • Tooling and specialized equipment specifically designed for use in the safe and reliable cleaning of ozone/oxygen piping
  • We provide documented, extensively trained, experienced field crews with mature and knowledgeable supervision
  • Provision of a pigging plan detailing procedure and methodology for the cleaning of this system, including monitoring and safety measures
Certified Underground Utility Contractor
License Number CU-C057357