Professional Piping Services, established in 1985, has designed, managed and implemented the successful cleaning and restoration to maximum flow capacity of thousands of miles of previously malfunctioning piping.

The types of piping material that we have cleaned include wood, steel, cast iron, glass, plastic, asbestos cement and rubber in all of their many variations.

The applications for cleaning that we can provide include oxygen/ozone plants, potable, reuse and raw water systems, wastewater force mains, process piping, newly installed piping, sprinkler systems, hot, chill and condenser water piping, fuel systems, intake and outfalls and chemical/mineral transfers.

The experienced staff of Professional Piping Services are all OSHA trained and certified and have the hands on knowledge which can only be attained by decades of dealing with non-performing piping.

Roger M Cimbora, Sr., General Manager of Professional Piping Services, Inc., has the following credentials;

  • Mr. Cimbora has over 67 years of piping industry experience. He has served on committees whose purpose was to resolve piping system issues. These have included, American Water Works Association Research Committee, American Water Works Association, the National Task Committee on Piping System Rehabilitation and The American Society of Civil Engineers.
  • Mr. Cimbora was selected to be an instructor for the continuing education program of the American Society of Civil Engineers.
  • His seminars & papers discussing piping system rehabilitation, cleaning and evaluation have been presented to the A.S.C.E. convention, the National Rural Water Association as well as other conventions.
  • Mr. Cimbora has several published articles on the topics of piping system cleaning, evaluation and rehabilitation in journals such as “Florida Engineering Society Journal”, “Water Engineering and Management”, “Public Works Magazine”, “Journal of Environmental Engineering”, “Environmental Technology” and “Florida Specifier.
  • The Piping System Cleaning chapter of the monograph published by the American Society of Civil Engineers on Piping System Rehabilitation is also Mr. Cimbora’s work.
  • We offer sample specifications, on site system evaluation and costing analysis at no charge and/or obligation. In addition we offer the funding advantage of “piggy backing” existing annual contracts we have with many of our clients.

Certified Underground Utility Contractor
License Number CU-C057357

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