Ever since people were using hollow logs and bamboo stuck in mountainsides springs, piping systems management and operators have constantly had to solve problems that developed in their systems during their life of service. The primary category of those problems is "Dirty Pipes"!

When that dirty pipe problem became intolerable, the usual solution was to dig up the entire piping system, toss it out, and put in all new pipe. With modern pipes, if the needs of the system have not expanded beyond its capacity, replacing pipe whose only "sin" is being "dirty", is not reasonable or economically sensible!

Today, cleaning a piping system can be done quickly with very little or no disruption of normal system flow, and at a serious cost savings over other rehabilitative options. Miles of pipe can be cleaned in an eight hour period while maintaining pressure well within the safe and tolerable ranges.

A properly functioning piping systems must not be considered an operational luxury. Federal and state standards have become more stringent and exacting. A corresponding increase in enforcement of these standards and regulations make system maintenance an operational necessity.

At least so far, no one has asked us to check a system that was running perfectly, no problems or issues. We always get the other kind. This has made us the experts in recognizing and diagnosing the various types of problems that can and do develop inside a piping system. Perhaps the most valuable of these skills is the ability to propose practical, pragmatic solutions with minimal disruption of flow to the piping system, minimal piping modifications, thereby minimizing costs to alleviate the problem. We can work carefully and closely with the systems engineers and supervisory personnel to coordinate our input.

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