Newly Constructed Systems

At first thought it is almost contradictory to seriously consider or require that a brand new system be cleaned before it is placed into service! That is, until you consider that cleaning a newly constructed piping system;

  • Will effectively remove any foreign matter, tools, debris, garbage, animals, lumber, etc., that can inadvertently or otherwise find its way into a system during the course of its construction!
  • Will conclusively provide the answer to the first question that is always asked when a new system doesn't function properly, "could it be something in the piping?"
  • Will eliminate the threat of something foreign damaging pump impellers, valve seats, meters and other expensive inline appurtenances.
  • Provides for a good hydrostatic test the first time its applied as the cleaning process will effectively dispel and remove all of the air in a system.
  • Allows for the judicious use of the available water both for the initial filling of the system and as importantly, not creating Lake Tiki Ca Ca at the end of the system which can result from the traditional but very ineffective flushing methods.
  • Allows for a proper disinfection or other type of inline treatment. Impediments to the treatment process, organic material to chlorine for example, are removed during cleaning. This process also ensures total contact with and saturation of all interior pipe and fitting surfaces during the treatment process.
  • Puts a system through its paces, valves are checked and operated, flow patterns confirmed and blow offs, air releases, drains and vacuum breakers can be used or checked to confirm their operation. The operational history of many systems confirms that this is not a minor consideration.
  • Fits well into the finalizing process of completing a system. The assurances that a system is now capable of functioning properly as provided by its hydrostatic tests for example, are the same when a system is cleaned after its installation. Both provide the confidence that the system will function properly once in service.
  • May require entering and exiting ports to be installed. For systems that realistically will require cleaning in the future, force mains and raw water systems are prime examples of this need, these ports can be part of the original configuration of the system.
  • Will resolve the potential threats to the proper operation of a system caused by difficult, awkward or wet installation environments, which are prone to the inclusion of undesirable fluids and solids in the piping while being installed.
  • Will require very minimal costs to do it!
  • Sample specifications are available for post construction cleaning
Certified Underground Utility Contractor
License Number CU-C057357